Web Application demos

Web application tracks progress of children playing games. Every level could be adjusted to individual player by parent or physiatrists within this web application.

Game Admin Application – Sorting
Starting page containts list of all children playing game. For every child there is “folder” with basic personal informations and with links to Results and Settings for game parameters.

Game Admin Application – Sorting results
Graphs are grouped by game type (Sorting, Catching, Math…). Each bar on graph represents result for individual level. In this section physiatrist has brief insight into overall progress of child by game type.

Game Admin Application – Sorting details
This demo represents an example of page with detailed results for Sorting games. Some of tracked results shown on graphs are: average score per level, average score for every hand and average time of playing. Below graphs there is table with each row representing individual level with coresponding data.

Game Admin Application – Sorting details for every level
Tracked data for every level (in case of Sorting levels): Level Name, Score, Score for Left Hand, Score for Right Hand, Stars (computed based on Score, from 1 to 5), Is Level Completed, Start Time, End Time, Duration of Game, Total Fruits to collect, Number of Wrong Fruit Pickups, Correct Fruit Drops, Wrong Fruit Drops, Correct Fruit-Wrong Basket, Wrong Fruit-Wrong Basket, Correct Fruit-Correct Basket

Game Admin Application – Movement history
Besides graphs representing numerical results there is also very important representation of movements in form of visual player with precise history of every movement. In this example, physiatrist could easily see hand movements represented as green paths (path from fruit to basket) and red paths (path from starting point to fruit). Navigating through history back and forth is possible by using slider or buttons (next, previous)

Game Admin Application – Print mode
Second version of history player with white background suitable for printing

Game Admin Application – Heat maps
Third version of history player with Heat map graph view which represents areas where child’s hands are held longest: red color representing longest hold, blue color representing shortest hold. This is one of easiest ways for physiatrist to see where child is having problems

Game Admin Application – Imitation
Example for results of Imitation game types. Similar to Sorting game graphs, here we could see detailed statistics for every level played, average score, averare time needed to guess correct pose or gesture. By clicking on any level from list we get more detailed informations about that level.

Game Admin Application – Imitation details
Some of tracked data for Imitation games are: list of poses played and details for every pose and gesture, time of playing, result of guessing, estimate of correctness, average time of pose guessing, etc.

Game Admin Application – Player capture
Besides image of monkey whose pose need to be guessed, there is also an image of player in exact moment of pose guessing, which could be useful if there is need to visualy estimate correctness of pose.

Game Admin Application – Pose on/off
Every pose or gesture could be turn on or off in order to customize list of poses for every child that will be shown during game.