Game Demos

Level 1-4: Sorting
How to play: Sort fruits in baskets; could be played with one or both hands
Goal: Control of impulse, encourages functionality of movement, exercise of patience

Level 5: Catching
How to play: Catch fruit in basket, avoid balls; played with one hand
Goal: Coordination exercise

Level 6 – 9: Math
How to play: Solve equations by putting fruits in the basket. Equation is shown on the basket and possible results are shown on fruits. Equations are either in form of basic math operations or in form of simple task with goal to continue sequence of numbers. Could be adjusted to other educational purposes (alphabet, symbols…)
Goal: For both educational and coordination purposes

Level 10: Catching
How to play: Catch all bananas and eat them. Played with whole body movement; all child’s movements are directly mapped to monkey movements
Goal: Coordination exercise

Level 11: Imitation
How to play: Repeat movements and poses after monkey; played with whole body movement
Goal: Encouraging and improving gross motor skills through imitation

Level 12: Seek and Hide
How to play: Seek for the monkey by moving ove hand; could be played by both hands alternately
Goal: Coordination exercise