Note: There are two versions of game currently available - with and without Web Application. Web Application is used by parents or therapists for detailed tracking of child's progress in game. You could download version that is without Web Application for free on the link down below. For version that in addition has Web Application integrated within game please contact us here.

Hardware requirements


  1. Download Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.8 and follow instructions from "Install Instructions" section
  2. Download Kinect for Windows SDK v1.8 and follow instructions from "Install Instructions" section
  3. Download Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit v1.8 and follow instructions from "Install Instructions" section
  4. Download and install AIR Runtime
  5. Download and install Vockice

Kinect Setup

  • Kinect should be at 0.6 meter from the floor
  • Player should be standing between 2 and 4 meters from Kinect
  • Space between Kinect and player should be without any obstacle
  • Avoid direct sunlight facing Kinect and shiny clothes

How to start playing

  • After installation start the "Vockice"
  • Player that is closer to the Kinect will be selected to play
  • In the top left corner there is a status of Kinect sensor
  • Hover over "Play" ("Играј")

Imitation - one of the games

In this game child should imitate monkey which is playing sequence of poses and gestures. If child correctly guesses pose, monkey will chear with "Bravo" and go to next pose. All of the movements of child are directly mapped to movemnts of child's avatar.

06. Маy 2019 - New version of game is available.
For all questions and requests please contact us at